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Premium Products is episode 59 of Build and Analyze, a show about iPhone, iPad, iOS, and mobile web development.

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Episode Description

Dan and Marco discuss CES, Second Crack, localization, code comments, serving custom data to UIWebView requests, discounts and sales devaluing your app, premium products, and blog comments.

Episode Information

Initially Released January 9, 2012

Runtime 1 hour 31 minutes

Episode Page Premium Products

Recurring Topics and Characters


CES Marco explains why CES is irrelevant to consumers. Discussion spreads to competing audio CD formats and 3D TV.
about 16 minutes

[start - 15:57]

Second Crack Marco's Second Crack blogging engine has been open sourced, he explains why you shouldn't use it.

Segment Links:

about 6 minutes

[15:58 - 21:42]

Instapaper Subscriptions Upcoming changes to Instapaper's subscription options and problems with localizing currency labels.
about 6 minutes

[21:43 - 27:33]

Documentation A tangent about documentation and commenting in code.

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9 minutes

[27:34 - 36:44]

Sponsor Harvest [36:45 - 39:28]
Offline Images Follow Up A better solution to storing offline images in iOS. A follow up from last week's show.

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about 6 minutes

[39:29 - 45:11]

A Premium Product A site is offering paid iOS apps for free through app store loopholes. Instapaper was among the apps and Marco is concerned about how it makes Instapaper look and it's image as a premium app.
about 17 minutes

[45:12 - 1:02:38]

Sponsor Rackspace Cloud
About 2 minutes

[1:02:39 - 1:04:47]

No Comments A discussion has restarted about the use of comments on blogs. Marco defends his stance of comments not being useful and unnecessary.

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26 minutes

[1:04:48 - end]


Anybody who's written Ruby code knows that there's no need to ever write a comment because the language is so beautiful and perfect in every way.
Dan, on how much he comments in code. [32:27]
…but you would never need to read Ruby code, you just sit back and look in awe at its incredible beauty.
Marco, on Ruby. [32:37]
Less code is almost always better
Marco, on being able to remove a bunch of code from Instapaper after resolving his issue with offline image storage. [45:00]
Comments are floppy disks
Marco [1:29:54]

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